06/24/2012 15:17


Why do you need to clean your roof ?

It's ugly, not healthy and will shorten the life of your roof ! Black fungus, mold or algae on your roof is cyanobacteria and requires three things to grow: heat, moisture, and a nutrient.
Nutrients can be found within the shingle themselves while other variables contribute to and hasten
fungus growth. The north side of the roof is usually the first to exhibit staining because the moisture
remains there longer. Add to that, the type, grade and manufacturer of the shingle, the age of the roof,
the close proximity of trees, pool, or lake, how hot and humid the weather is and if there are leaves
accumulating on the roof.

Proper cleaning of the roof can save you a couple of years before replacement. Believe it or not, 80% of roof replacements are done due to aesthetic reasons. Now, you have most of the answer to the question why your roof turns black or green.

So, are you replacing your roof for $10K, or will you wash it for $500 and get the same new look ?


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