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North County San Diego most awarded pressure washing company is expanding

05/10/2013 08:58
Thanks to our customers, we are able to grow and be the most awarded exterior cleaning company in San Diego. We offer pressure washing,steam cleaning, rust removal, oil removal, gum removal, house washing, roof cleaning, store fronts cleaning and all other exterior cleaning services. Our online...


10/28/2012 13:51
Dirt Fighter - San Diego Pressure Washing is a certified pollution control specialist,complying with legal rules set by federal,state and local goverment.Our equipement allow us to set the standard in our industry. Best Management Practices or BMP for prevention of storm water pollution can be...


10/24/2012 10:50
RUST REMOVAL SERVICE IN SAN DIEGO - Authorized F9 Applicators Remove All Types of Rust with F9 BARC Concrete Rust Remover. Please check this great video :

Concrete Rust Removal San Diego

10/07/2012 20:34
Concrete rust removal in San Diego, CA is professionally performed by DIRT FIGHTER, your local Authorized Applicator for the F9 Concrete Rust Removal System.  Dirt Fighter is a leading Southern California pressure washing and roof cleaning contractor based in America's finest city, San...

Great article from the City of San Diego about storm water protection and EPA requirements

08/02/2012 20:02
Please read more about right procedure and BPM (Best Management Practices)  HERE We got you covered !     We are "Pollution Control Specialists" CALL  (858) 367- WASH                  ...


06/24/2012 15:17
  Why do you need to clean your roof ? It's ugly, not healthy and will shorten the life of your roof ! Black fungus, mold or algae on your roof is cyanobacteria and requires three things to grow: heat, moisture, and a nutrient. Nutrients can be found within the shingle themselves while...

Questions and Suggestions

06/08/2010 07:30
  Do you have any questions about the services we have available? Please contact us and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. We appreciate any feedback you might have because it helps us to continue to serve you to the best of our ability. Monday - Saturday  08:00...

Welcome to Our New Website!

06/08/2010 07:29
  Welcome to our new cleaning service website. In addition to the usual information on our services, you can now find news about new products and cleaning methods.
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